Medellín for Digital Nomads

Your Ultimate Guide to Remote Work in Medellín

Great destination for:

🚵‍♀️ adventure | 🌄 mountains | 🎨 culture | 🌳 nature | 🥾 hiking&walking | 😌 wellness | 🍸 nightlife | 🏙️ city break | 🍔 food & drink | 😎 great for singles | 😎😎 great for couples | 🚼 child-friendly | 🚶‍♀️safe for solo travellers

Why workation in Medellin:

  • Affordable living costs & high-quality lifestyle
  • Vibrant expat and digital nomad community
  • Year-round spring-like weather

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ”An awesome city full of gorgeous greenery/flowers (check it out during the flower fest) and beautiful women.”


⌚ Time difference UTC -5 hours
📶 Average internet speed Very Fast 72 Mb/s
💉 Recommended travel vaccinations Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Typhoid, Yellow Fever.
🧭 Travel Advice (U.S. Department of State) 🟧 Reconsider Travel

The local vibe in Medellín

Pros & Cons of Medellín for digital nomads

Pros Cons
✅ Cost of living is relatively low ❌ Concerns about safety in certain areas
✅ High-quality internet access ❌ Air quality can be poor
✅ Abundant recreational and cultural activities ❌ Business environment may be challenging for foreigners
✅ Pleasant climate conditions year-round ❌ Healthcare quality varies significantly
✅ Welcoming community and ease of socializing ❌ Safety concerns for diverse groups in some areas
✅ Low smoking prevalence ❌ Restrictions on freedom of speech and political tensions
✅ Minimal seasonal weather variations ❌ High population density and urban crowding
✅ Improving road safety measures ❌ Language barriers for non-Spanish speakers

Our favorite cafés with good Wi-Fi & workspaces

All cafés recommended by us are certified laptop-friendly.

#1 choice
Laptopfriendly Cafe Image
Coffee Shop Pergamino Café

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.7) – Google reviews

Free Wi-Fi

Relaxing environment

Delicious coffee and pastries

Mon-Fri: 7:00 AM- 8:00 PM | Sat-Sun: 8:00 AM- 3:30 PM

What to expect when working remotely in Medellín

Nestled in the lush Aburrá Valley, Medellin, Colombia, is a vibrant city that seamlessly blends modern amenities with a rich cultural tapestry. Known as the "City of Eternal Spring," its temperate climate is just the beginning of what makes Medellin an alluring destination for digital nomads. The city's evolution from its notorious history to a beacon of innovation and culture provides a unique backdrop for remote work.

The warmth and hospitality of the local "paisas" create an inviting atmosphere for digital nomads, fostering easy integration into the community and local culture. Coupled with an impressive array of coworking spaces and high-speed internet availability, Medellin positions itself as a top-tier destination for those looking to blend productivity with exploration.

A glimpse of life in Medellín

What fellow nomads say about Medellín

"I loved Medellín. Was there for 5 weeks. Beautiful views of the mountain, warm, trees, coffee, cafe shops and chocolate. The men are very good looking as well. The food is ok but not bad. I got hit on a lot as a foreign woman. The only downside might be the touristy nature of el pablado and the crime and prostitution aspects. Other than that, I am really Look forward to coming back!"

Author Image

"An awesome city full of gorgeous greenery/flowers (check it out during the flower fest) and beautiful women. People are down to earth and has a big reggaeton scene (some of the big worldwide artists from here). International food has been improving as it solidifies as a foreigner vacation spot."

Author Image

"Medellin is a great city to be in. Taking advantage of the current exchange rate, it is a very affordable city, as in any metropolis you must be careful with your things in some places, especially where there are many people because they can take your mobile phone out of your pocket, as in the Barcelona metro or Paris I have also lived it."

Author Image

Daily Budget for Medellín

Hostel: $15-$30 per night
Guesthouse/Private Room: $30-$60 per night
Hotel: $50-$200 per night
Food and Drinks
Local Eats: $5-$15
International Cuisine: $10-$30
Wine at a Bar: $4-$10
Pastries: $2-$5
Public Transport: $1-$3 per trip
Taxi/Rideshare (short distance): $5-$15
Bike Rental (daily): $10-$20
Coworking Spaces
Day Pass: $15-$25
Cafe (with Wi-Fi): $5-$15 (minimum spend)
Entertainment and Activities
Museum Entrance: $5-$15
Boat Tour: $20-$50
Souvenirs: $5-$20
SIM Card with Data: $5-$15
Total daily budget: $60-$200

Travel tips for exploring Medellín

How to Get There

Arriving in Medellin, you'll most likely land at José María Córdova International Airport, located about 20 km from the city center. The most convenient transportation options include taking a taxi or using a ride-sharing app like Uber. For a smoother journey, consider exchanging some local currency (Colombian Pesos) at the airport for taxi fare, as not all drivers accept credit cards. Another option is to take the airport shuttle bus, which is a budget-friendly alternative and offers a scenic route into Medellin.

Greeting Phrases

Knowing some common local phrases can make your interactions more pleasant. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Buenos días - Good morning
  • Buenas tardes - Good afternoon
  • Buenas noches - Good evening
  • Hola - Hello
  • Gracias - Thank you

FAQ Medellín

How crowded is Medellin, Colombia?

Medellin is a bustling city with a population of over 2.5 million people. It can feel crowded, especially in popular areas like El Poblado and during major events. However, there are also quieter neighborhoods and plenty of green spaces where you can find tranquility.

What is the nightlife like in Medellin, Colombia?

The nightlife in Medellin is vibrant and diverse, offering something for everyone. From trendy rooftop bars and clubs in El Poblado to more traditional salsa bars in Laureles, the city comes alive at night. Medellin is also known for its friendly locals, making it a great place to socialize and meet new people.

What kinds of people can I expect to see in Medellin, Colombia?

In Medellin, you'll encounter a warm and welcoming mix of people. This includes a vibrant local community, expatriates from around the world, and travelers exploring the city. Medellin's culture is a blend of traditional Colombian roots with a growing international influence, reflecting in its diverse population.

Are there healthy eating options available in Medellin, Colombia?

Yes, Medellin offers a wide variety of healthy eating options. The city has seen a surge in health-conscious cafes and restaurants, serving everything from vegan and vegetarian dishes to organic and locally sourced meals. Farmers' markets and health food stores are also becoming more prevalent.

Is Medellin, Colombia pedestrian-friendly?

Medellin is becoming increasingly pedestrian-friendly, with initiatives to improve walkability and reduce vehicle traffic. Areas like El Poblado and Ciudad del Rio have pedestrian zones, and the city has been expanding its network of bike lanes. However, some areas can still be challenging for pedestrians due to traffic and topography.

Does Medellin, Colombia experience frequent power outages? How long do they last?

Power outages in Medellin are not very frequent and when they do occur, they tend to be short-lived, often lasting just a few hours. The city's infrastructure is robust, and utility companies are usually quick to address any issues. However, like in any large city, occasional outages can happen due to maintenance or unexpected problems.

What is the natural environment like in Medellin, Colombia?

Medellin is known as the "City of Eternal Spring" for its pleasant climate and lush greenery. The city is surrounded by mountains and is home to numerous parks, gardens, and green spaces. Beyond the urban area, the Antioquia region offers stunning natural landscapes, including forests, rivers, and waterfalls, perfect for outdoor activities.

Is it easy to access other destinations from Medellin, Colombia?

Yes, Medellin is well-connected and serves as a great base for exploring other destinations in Colombia. The city's international airport offers flights to major cities within Colombia and abroad. Additionally, the central bus terminal has numerous routes to nearby towns and attractions, making it easy to plan day trips or longer excursions.

Map of Medellín

Save to your phone

Local emergency number 123 (Unified Emergency Line)
Best hospital Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe | Calle 78B #69-240, Medellín | +57 4 4459000
U.S. embassy Carrera 45 No. 24B-27, Bogotá, D.C. | +57 1 275-2000

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