Mirthe's Adventure - Embracing the Nomadic Lifestyle

Mirthe, 27, Graphic Designer from Amsterdam

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Woman working from Cafe in Bali
Mirthe's Digital Nomad Journey

About Mirthe

Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Age: 27
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Interests and Hobbies: Photography, Cycling, Reading, Cooking
Preferred Destinations: Bali, New York, Barcelona, Cape Town
Work Style: I prefer a flexible and creative work environment, working mostly from either a coworking space or a work-friendly cafe
Goals and Aspirations: I want to continue to grow my design studio while traveling around the world
Emily's Digital Nomad Journey

Introduction and Motivation

I'm Mirthe, a 27-year-old graphic designer originally from Amsterdam. My digital nomad journey began when I was just 19, working at a charming restaurant in Ibiza, Spain. Those sunny days and starry nights sparked my love for living abroad and exploring new cultures. It was a turning point that set me on the path of adventure.

Before embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, I was a diligent student working towards my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. I also had a small marketing and web design company. The turning point came when I realized that I could operate my business from anywhere with an internet connection. The freedom to work remotely and live in different places was too enticing to resist.

My upbringing in Amsterdam played a crucial role in shaping my desire to become a digital nomad. My parents encouraged me to explore the world and learn from different cultures. One particular memory that stands out is when my family hosted an exchange student from Costa Rica. Those interactions ignited my curiosity about the world, and it was like a mini cultural exchange program right at home. These experiences set the stage for my future adventures as a digital nomad, emphasizing the value of connections and understanding between people from diverse backgrounds.

Transition to Digital Nomadism

Transitioning to the digital nomad lifestyle was both thrilling and challenging. I gradually shifted my business online, which allowed me to work remotely. One significant moment was when I landed a project for a client in Bali who was a digital nomad himself. It made me realize that I could work from paradise. However, adapting to the unpredictable income and navigating the logistics of living in different countries had its share of challenges.

My approach to work has become more flexible and creative. I now combine graphic design with my passion for photography, creating visual content for clients worldwide. I've honed my skills through online courses and collaborating with talented individuals I've met on the road. It's been a rewarding journey of self-improvement and exploration.

One pivotal moment was when I received an invitation to teach graphic design in Thailand. It was a bold decision to temporarily stop working for my company, but the excitement of venturing into the unknown was irresistible. The mix of nerves and anticipation was palpable, but it opened doors to a world of possibilities I hadn't imagined before.

Cultural Experiences and Adaptation

As a digital nomad, I've had countless memorable cultural experiences. One that stands out is my visit to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil. The vibrant colors, samba rhythms, and the energy of the people were absolutely unforgettable. It was an immersion into Brazilian culture like no other.

Adapting to new environments and cultures has been a thrilling part of my journey. Whether it's celebrating Diwali in India or experiencing the tranquility of Japanese tea ceremonies (Japanese Tea Ceremony), I've embraced each new experience with an open heart. While I've encountered cultural shocks at times, I've learned to approach them with curiosity and respect. It's all about understanding and appreciating the differences that make our world so diverse.

Remote Work Insights

Working remotely while traveling has its challenges, but it's incredibly rewarding. A typical day for me might involve starting work in a cozy café in Valencia, where I'm currently based. Afternoons are often reserved for exploring the city's charming streets and enjoying delicious tapas.

The most significant lifestyle change has been the freedom to choose where I want to live. It's given me the opportunity to immerse myself in different cultures and gain fresh perspectives, which has not only enriched me personally but also enhanced my creativity as a graphic designer.

Managing time zone differences and ensuring a reliable Wi-Fi connection is vital. I rely on tools like World Time Buddy to coordinate with clients across the globe, and I seek out co-working spaces with high-speed internet. It's all about staying flexible and adaptable.

Highs and Challenges

The highs of my digital nomad journey have been the breathtaking moments, like watching a sunrise at Borobudur Temple in Indonesia or hiking in the stunning Cape Town landscapes. However, it's not always smooth sailing. Loneliness can be a challenge, and saying goodbye to newfound friends is never easy. But I've learned to cherish the highs and navigate the lows with resilience.

Community and Connections

Building connections and finding community is essential. I've joined online communities like Nomad List to connect with fellow digital nomads and discover the best work-friendly spaces. I've also made meaningful connections by volunteering, whether it's teaching English in Thailand or participating in beach cleanups in Mauritius.

Advice and Future Goals

My advice to aspiring digital nomads is to embrace flexibility and be open to change. Create a supportive routine that allows you to balance work and exploration. As for my future goals, I aspire to establish my own design studio and continue traveling the world to gain inspiration for my work. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital nomadism, I see a future where technology enables even more seamless remote work opportunities, fostering a global community of adventurers like myself.

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